Friday, April 3, 2009

hindalga lake

water color,this is in belgaum cammando training area,and entry for civilians is prohibited,when we went there first time nobody was we successfully completed our work,but when we went there next time one watchman was sitting there and he did not allow us for the landscape drawing.In that area many beautiful spots are there but no entry for all of us,so bad luck.But this one was lucky.what do you think?


  1. Love your beautiful colour washes and then the fine detailed work on other parts - lovely work.

  2. beutiful composition and washes. Only suggestion would be not to use greens as is from your color box but you should try and create them by mixing different yellows and blues so as to get some natural shades

  3. are right.
    i will try that next time.
    thanks for the comment ajay sir.

  4. Suyash,the washes are perfect,I also agree the suggestion given by Ajay.You can work `wet in wet`with some yellows and blues even browns also to create an effect in of luck.